Thursday, 7 February 2013


Mariscal wall mural, The Design Museum, July 2009.

We were asked if it was possible to complete this complex mural in a time frame of 4 days so we said yes and did it! 
We used the age old technique of drawing a grid onto the wall then transferring the line artwork by hand whilst referring to small artwork. Painting in the block areas required donning sun glasses, twenty six colours were used. The artist Javier Mariscal came to meet us expecting to see ‘a couple of punks throwing buckets of paint onto the wall’ and commenteed that the painting was too good!

Kenneth Grange, The Design Museum, July 2011.

Back again to paint a life size Inter City 125 stretching the length of a 25 metre wall for the major retrospective show of Product Designer, Kenneth Grange. 
Using a combination of masked edges and using computer cut vinyl templates, a technique we’ve specialised and are proud of.

Extraordinary Stories, Design Museum current exhibition 2013.

Road map completed in a day using same techniques as the Inter City 125. Thankfully I won’t be asked to do these all over the country, a job for life!